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Wuxi Attractions

Wuxi was founded 3,000 years ago by two fugitive princes,Taibo and Zhongyong,of the Zhou from Central China,who intended to give their brother Jili the throne.The two princes settled down in Meili,which is believed to be today's Meicun,Wuxi.(some historic records indicate a location somewhere in today's Suzhou).They helped developing local agriculture and waterways.The area soon flourished. After the death of Taibo,who had no heir, the emperor of Zhou enthroned a descendant of his family king of the State of Wu.The king named his kingdom "Gowu".Taibo's shrine was set up in today's Meicun and the original wood structure was destroyed during the wars over the course of history.However,it has been renovated several times and today's architecture dates mostly to the Qing dynasty.A stone carved with sayings by Confucius can still be seen in Taibo Shrine.

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