Wangjiang Tower Park

                       Wangjiang Tower Park-Chengdu


Wangjiang Tower Park is one of three famous cultural relics in Chengdu,the name Wangjiang which means overlooking the river in Chinese.the park is close to Wuhou Memorial Temple and the Thatched Cottage of Du Fu. While Wuhou Temple honors the legendary minister of Shu, Zhuge Liang, and Du Fu Cottage honors the Sage of Poetry, Wangjiang Tower is dedicated to a woman, Xue Tao, a poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).
she is not only a poet and beauty, Xue Tao was a clever inventor inventing Xue Tao Paper with water from the well. Superior to the yellow and coarse paper used at that time, her Xue Tao Paper was colorful and delicate.
Visitors can enjoy tea made from Xue Tao Well water, read poems and couplets left by celebrities, and become intoxicated by the ethereal.

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