Tiger Spring Park Hangzhou

                                            The Tiger Spring Park
The Tiger Spring located in the mountains between West Lake and Qiantang River, Tiger Spring ranks third in China for its water quality, just after the Jinshan Spring in Zhenjiang and Hui Spring in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province.  It is an ideal place to view the beautiful landscape and sample the delicious spring water.

In legend there was once a ruler, namely Huangzhong, who lived in the spring area during the Tang Dynasty (at the beginning of 9th century). He has determined to leave the area due to the lack of an abundant water source. However, one night, a fairy came to him in a dream and told him that two tigers would bring a fountain to the area in the near future. The next day, he saw two tigers running around and scratching at the earth. Suddenly, a magic fountain appeared where the tigers had been scratching.  Thereafter, Tiger Spring was christened. 

Actually, Tiger Spring forms as the result of underground water seeping through veins and cracks within quartz sandstone that is not eroded by acid materials. Due to its low content of mineralized ingredients and its high percentage of radon (a radioactive element), the spring water, which tastes pure, sweet and cold, is an ideal beverage for good health.

For its unique fountain, people of all ages highly praise it after tasting a cup of Longjing tea made of water from Hupao fountain. Since ancient times, the Longjing tea and the Hupao Spring water have been known as the two wonders of the West Lake. Through the ages, visitors who came to Hangzhou City all took the opportunity to sip and taste the Longjing tea with Hupao Spring water. Many laudatory poems about the spring have been composed by famous Chinese poets, both in ancient and in modern times.

Originally, the Tiger Spring had three wells, which formed two pools later. Next to the main pool, there is a stone bed placed in a stone niche. A sculpture of Monk Huanzhong is lying on his side, resting the head on his right arm in a serene manner. Two lifelike stone tigers stand to the right side of the stone niche, as if they are walking towards Huanzhong.

Now, the Tiger Spring and the surrounding twisting valley have been turned into Tiger Running Spring Forest Park. On the site is Li Shutong Memorial erected in honor of the scholar and hierarch, who was outstanding in the fields of music, drama, painting, and calligraphy, and entered into Buddhism in Daci Temple in 1981.

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