Terracotta Warriors

                       Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses-Xian


The Terracotta Warriors were buried with the first Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huang) in 210-209 BC as Qins Army.It was discovered in March 1974 by local farmers drilling a well to the east of Mount Li. Mount and tomb of the First Emperor of Qin Qin Shi Huang. Construction of this mausoleum began in 246 B.C. and is believed to have taken 700,000 workers and craftsmen 36 years to complete. Qin Shi Huang was interred inside the tomb complex upon his death in 210 B.C. According to the Grand Historian Sima Qian, The First Emperor was buried alongside great amounts of treasure and objects of craftsmanship, as well as a scale replica of the universe complete with gemmed ceilings representing the cosmos, and flowing mercury. representing the great earthly bodies of water. Recent scientific work at the site has shown high levels of mercury in the soil of Mount Li, tentatively indicating an accurate description of the site’s contents by Sima Qian.

The height of the terra-cotta warriors varies from 1.78m, the shortest, to 1.97m, the tallest. They look healthy and strong and have different facial expressions. Probably they were sculpted by craftsmen according to real soldiers of the Qin dynasty.As the terra-cotta figures have been burnt and have gone through the natural process of decay, we can’t see their original gorgeous colours. However, most of the terra-cotta figures bear the trace of the original colours, and few of them are still as bright as new.

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